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Swine Flu


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What is swine Flu ?

Swine flu is a viral infection caused by Influenza viruses. 

How can you get infected with swine Flu ?

Swine flu is a viral infection caused by Influenza viruses.

Till what time there is risk of getting swine flu infection after  contact with swine flu positive patient ?

Symptoms of swine flu develop 1-4 days after getting infected with swine flu virus.

What are symptoms of swine flu ?


Symptoms of swine flu are similar to most of the flu infections:

  • fever (100 F or greater),

  • cough, sore throat

  • nasal secretions, stuffy nose

  • chills

  • tiredness, 

  • headache, bodyache

For how long symptoms of swine flu persist ?

symptoms of flu usually persist for 3-7 days, more serious infection can last upto 10 days.

For how long a patient of swine flu can infect others ? 

Infection from a swine flu patient can spread to others even before developing the symptoms of infection in him/her. Patient becomes contagious  one day before the development of symptoms to 5-7 day after symptoms develop, some may remain contagious for longer period of time.

Can swine flu cause serious problems ?

Some people can become seriously ill if they’re infected with swine flu

  • adults over age 65 and children under 5 years old

  • adults and children who are on long-term aspirin  

  • people with compromised immune systems 

  • pregnant women

  • people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, heart disease, neuromuscular disease or asthma


How swine flu is diagnosed ?

Swine flu is a viral infection caused by Influenza viruses.

How swine flu is treated ?

Antiviral medications, along with symptomatic medicines  are given for the treatment swine flu infection.

How can i prevent swine flu infection ?

Vaccination is the best way to prevent or reduce the chances of becoming infected with influenza viruses.


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