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Bleeding Gums Treatment: Say Goodbye To Your Bleeding Gums!

Many people experience gum bleeding at least once in their life. It is quite common to experience gum bleeding as a result of poor oral hygiene practices. Usually, gum bleeding is not a big problem. However, it can get worse if not treated on time.

Why do gums bleed?

One of the most common reasons for gum bleeding is the accumulation of tartar around the gums. Tartar, also known as plaque, gets accumulated and causes bacterial infection. Plaque might build up near your gums if you do not brush your teeth regularly. Other causes of gum bleeding include using a brush with hard bristles or not using dental floss correctly.

How to treat your Bleeding Gums?

Cold compress

Using an ice-cold compress is significantly effective in stopping bleeding from gums. Put ice or an ice pack against your bleeding gum and wait until the bleeding stops. It also reduces swelling from your gums.

Salt water gargles

You can gargle with warm salt water. It cleans the mouth thoroughly and helps remove bacteria. To prepare salt water liquid, put half teaspoon salt in one cup of warm water. The frequency of gargling depends on the bleeding, though. On average, you should gargle two times a day.

Vitamins and minerals

Having adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals is necessary for building a strong immune system. Vitamin C and Vitamin K are the most important vitamins to stop gum bleeding and prevent it in future.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C builds your immune system so that you keep gum infections at bay. It also helps in strengthening the lining of your gums. You can get ample amounts of vitamin C from oranges, carrots and citrus fruits. However, you should take vitamin C in recommended amounts as too much of everything is harmful!

Vitamin K

In simple terms, vitamin K helps in stopping your gums from bleeding. If your body lacks vitamin K, there's a possibility that your bleeding might take more time to cease. Spinach is the best source for vitamin K. Other green leafy vegetables also contain adequate amounts of vitamin K.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the leading causes of gum bleeding these days. People who smoke daily are prone to gum infections and tooth problems. If you decide to quit smoking, your gums will heal after some time. Therefore, your doctor will recommend you to stop smoking to cure your bleeding gums.

Green Tea

We cannot emphasize enough on the goodness of green tea. Drinking green tea helps in stopping gum bleeding. It contains antioxidants that can cease the inflammation. Usually, a person should drink four to five cups of green tea in a day to have a noticeable effect, as suggested by various researchers.


Lastly, diet plays a vital role in treating gum problems. If you maintain a healthy diet, you might never have to deal with bleeding gums in your life. Taking foods rich in sugar and carbs may invite plaque to your teeth. Therefore, have a diet which includes less sugar and more nutrients.

Consult a doctor if:

You should make an appointment with your dentist if gum bleeding doesn't stop within a week. The doctor will help you by removing your tartar buildup. If needed, he/she will examine you for other symptoms and infections related to your gums.


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