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Who can donate plasma ?

Who can donate plasma

  1. Someone who had covid infection(RT PCR or Rapid Antigen report must).

  2. 2 weeks after symptoms are over(or 4 weeks after positive report)

  3. Age 18 to 60 yrs

  4. Women who have had a pregnancy cannot donate

  5. Weight more than 50 kg

  6. If the donor has taken vaccine, it should have been done at least 28 days prior.

  7. No major medical problems

  8. Hypertensive, if controlled can donate

  9. Diabetics not on insulin can donate (those who are taking medicines to control diabetes can donate)

  10. No autoimmune problems

  11. No other major medical problem

  12. Hb more than 12.5, sufficient Antibody levels- These will be checked at blood bank before donation

Who are Donor ineligible for convalescent plasma donation ?

  1. Weight less than 50 kg

  2. Females who have ever been pregnant